Boost Your Workout

In a bid to conquer the obstacles in race courses across the world, people are focusing on improving their endurance and stamina. Although cardio activities are great in building endurance, these exercises are just a portion of what you need to be doing.

Aaron, an advanced workout trainer, thinks that building your leg muscles will not only ensure you go far in your races, but it will also help in absorbing the shock from every step taken. Here he shares some important tips to boost your workouts.

Create a routine with a combination of cardio days and strength days

Simply put, the more muscles you put to work, the more the burden to the heart and cardiovascular system. Instead of engaging exclusively on cardio-workouts in your home gym, add some strength building exercises into your workout routine. Although most people have set apart days to focus on strength and cardio-workouts, it’s better to blend the two.  

Reduce the time taken to rest between workouts

Most people take about a minute to rest before starting the next set. However, if your goal is towards super endurance, you’ll get better results if you do away with the breaks. By the time you are completing the sets; your muscles will be on fire not to mention heavy panting and sweating.  The only time you should pause and rest is when you feel you can’t execute the next set.

Do some high-intensity lifting and try to increase the pace

When you lift weights rapidly, it results in improved strength and at the same time, it significantly builds the overall endurance. This is also recognized as a good way of raising the rate of metabolism. You may not realize it but when your exercises are focused on endurance only, the overall body metabolism tends to drop. This is because those exercises tend to eat away the muscles.  Focus on compound movements

A compound movement requires you to use more than just a single joint. For instance, step-ups, squats, pull-ups, and push-ups will boost your endurance. This is contrary to isolated exercises that don’t give you enough stimulation which is crucial to building superb stamina. Leg lifts and bicep curls are some of the common examples of isolated exercises.

In addition, you can combine two or more exercises to create a hybrid exercise. For instance, a jumping pull-up or a thruster gets more of your muscles to work. As a result, the heart muscles get more stimulation and the end result is good stamina.

Routine won’t take you to new heights

When you develop a habit of switching the workout sets every now and then, you are on the right path. Your body only needs two weeks to get used to the regime. In short, after some time of continuous cycling or running, try incorporating something new like Muay Thai or running upstairs. The idea here is to avoid moving your muscles in a single direction which is the major reason for overuse.

To make your workouts more effective, incorporate some explosive exercises. These exercises require a bunch of energy and they are great when you want to work on strength, stamina, and endurance at the same time.