Row, Row, Your Boat

After Aaron dislocated his knee, his doctor advised him to start using a rowing machine to avoid stress during workouts. For some time, he went to the local gym for his workouts and developed a liking for a rowing machine. As a result, he vowed to get one for use at home. In this article, Aaron shares a few health benefits of rowing as well as his quest to get one.

Health benefits of rowing machines

If there is something that can dramatically transform your health, it’s got to be a regular and consistent workout. Even though rowing may seem to be a low-intensity workout, it is definitely very beneficial to your whole body. In fact, experts believe that there are few machines that can match the health benefits achieved with rowing workouts. Besides the fact that you can watch a movie and work out simultaneously, there are other health benefits.

Cardio workouts

A rowing exercise engages all the major muscle groups making it an excellent workout for healthy heart and lungs. With every stroke taken, you will be raising the amount of air supplied to your heart and muscles. If you are not used to intensive rowing, you can take slow but constant sessions for 30 minutes. Although they can pass for leisure workouts, the benefits to your cardiovascular system are huge. To stay safe from the risks of heart attack, it’s good to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise.

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Burn out extra calories

For those who want to lose some weight, rowing is an excellent workout for fitness. With moderate resistance rowing, an average person can burn at least 600 calories with each hour of exercise. If you engage in a more intensive rowing session, you are likely to burn out more calories. Basically, you be burning much more calories than a person working out on a treadmill.


Tone your muscles

Rowing not only tones your body muscles but also strengthens you significantly. The pulls and pushes you do on a rowing machine make you use all the muscles of your body. If you can progressively raise the resistance of your sessions, you are working towards building strong and healthy muscles. When your muscles become stronger, you are in a better position to execute your duties with ease.

Good for your joints

Generally, rowing is a low-impact activity. When working out, your feet and arms are constantly resting on the footrest as well as rowing handles. Therefore, there is minimal stress to your joints when working out. When doing other exercises that make your body bear weight, your joints are at a higher risk of injury. This is particularly heightened for people with joint problems. Whether you are recovering from fatal injuries or you are a senior citizen, rowing will ensure your joints stay healthy.

WaterRower Rowing Machine

This handcrafted and finely tuned workout machine utilizes water resistance but it has a high spot among high-end rowing machines. The water flywheel gives the feel of rowing in natural water and it also gives you the resistance required for satisfying workouts. Because rowing is the most efficient exercise for your body, getting this natural rowing machine can spice up your daily workouts.

In an enclosed tank, there is a flywheel with two paddles that creates some resistance as the cable is pulled. The good thing is that the machine uses water to create the necessary resistance. Naturally, this machine responds to how much energy you exert and hard pulls results to high resistance and vice versa.  

However, this machine lacks a superior ergonomic touch and will not impress people who are not into natural things.

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Concept2 Model D

This rower is very popular and you’ll be seeing it in most local gyms. If you need a rower for home exercise, this is a machine you need to consider. The ergonomic design and the strong build gives you a machine that not only looks great but also gives a smooth rowing session. Because this is an air based rower, it utilizes the air baffle technology for resistance creation.

This rower comes with a good monitor that gives you the necessary data for an excellent workout. Concept2 Model D rower can display the performance in two basic ways. Data can be either viewed in distance and time or in splits. The split mode shows your varying workout pace between two workout sessions. Whichever way you choose to view the data, you’ll get cool feedback about your progress. However, splits will give you a more realistic and useful data. The monitor is also excellent at calculating the drag factor for your workouts.

The verdict

Having used the Concept2 at the gym several times, Aaron could not resist its utility and ergonomics. However, the display monitor is very helpful at giving you feedback for your workouts. The ability to calculate the drag factor helps you maintain constant effort between sessions.

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