Row, Row, Your Boat

After Aaron dislocated his knee, his doctor advised him to start using a rowing machine to avoid stress during workouts. For some time, he went to the local gym for his workouts and developed a liking for a rowing machine. As a result, he vowed to get one for use at home. In this article, Aaron shares a few health benefits of rowing as well as his quest to get one.

Health benefits of rowing machines

If there is something that can dramatically transform your health, it’s got to be a regular and consistent workout. Even though rowing may seem to be a low-intensity workout, it is definitely very beneficial to your whole body. In fact, experts believe that there are few machines that can match the health benefits achieved with rowing workouts. Besides the fact that you can watch a movie and work out simultaneously, there are other health benefits.

Cardio workouts

A rowing exercise engages all the major muscle groups making it an excellent workout for healthy heart and lungs. With every stroke taken, you will be raising the amount of air supplied to your heart and muscles. If you are not used to intensive rowing, you can take slow but constant sessions for 30 minutes. Although they can pass for leisure workouts, the benefits to your cardiovascular system are huge. To stay safe from the risks of heart attack, it’s good to engage in regular cardiovascular exercise.

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Burn out extra calories

For those who want to lose some weight, rowing is an excellent workout for fitness. With moderate resistance rowing, an average person can burn at least 600 calories with each hour of exercise. If you engage in a more intensive rowing session, you are likely to burn out more calories. Basically, you be burning much more calories than a person working out on a treadmill.


Tone your muscles

Rowing not only tones your body muscles but also strengthens you significantly. The pulls and pushes you do on a rowing machine make you use all the muscles of your body. If you can progressively raise the resistance of your sessions, you are working towards building strong and healthy muscles. When your muscles become stronger, you are in a better position to execute your duties with ease.

Good for your joints

Generally, rowing is a low-impact activity. When working out, your feet and arms are constantly resting on the footrest as well as rowing handles. Therefore, there is minimal stress to your joints when working out. When doing other exercises that make your body bear weight, your joints are at a higher risk of injury. This is particularly heightened for people with joint problems. Whether you are recovering from fatal injuries or you are a senior citizen, rowing will ensure your joints stay healthy.

WaterRower Rowing Machine

This handcrafted and finely tuned workout machine utilizes water resistance but it has a high spot among high-end rowing machines. The water flywheel gives the feel of rowing in natural water and it also gives you the resistance required for satisfying workouts. Because rowing is the most efficient exercise for your body, getting this natural rowing machine can spice up your daily workouts.

In an enclosed tank, there is a flywheel with two paddles that creates some resistance as the cable is pulled. The good thing is that the machine uses water to create the necessary resistance. Naturally, this machine responds to how much energy you exert and hard pulls results to high resistance and vice versa.  

However, this machine lacks a superior ergonomic touch and will not impress people who are not into natural things.

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Concept2 Model D

This rower is very popular and you’ll be seeing it in most local gyms. If you need a rower for home exercise, this is a machine you need to consider. The ergonomic design and the strong build gives you a machine that not only looks great but also gives a smooth rowing session. Because this is an air based rower, it utilizes the air baffle technology for resistance creation.

This rower comes with a good monitor that gives you the necessary data for an excellent workout. Concept2 Model D rower can display the performance in two basic ways. Data can be either viewed in distance and time or in splits. The split mode shows your varying workout pace between two workout sessions. Whichever way you choose to view the data, you’ll get cool feedback about your progress. However, splits will give you a more realistic and useful data. The monitor is also excellent at calculating the drag factor for your workouts.

The verdict

Having used the Concept2 at the gym several times, Aaron could not resist its utility and ergonomics. However, the display monitor is very helpful at giving you feedback for your workouts. The ability to calculate the drag factor helps you maintain constant effort between sessions.

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Boost Your Workout

In a bid to conquer the obstacles in race courses across the world, people are focusing on improving their endurance and stamina. Although cardio activities are great in building endurance, these exercises are just a portion of what you need to be doing.

Aaron, an advanced workout trainer, thinks that building your leg muscles will not only ensure you go far in your races, but it will also help in absorbing the shock from every step taken. Here he shares some important tips to boost your workouts.

Create a routine with a combination of cardio days and strength days

Simply put, the more muscles you put to work, the more the burden to the heart and cardiovascular system. Instead of engaging exclusively on cardio-workouts in your home gym, add some strength building exercises into your workout routine. Although most people have set apart days to focus on strength and cardio-workouts, it’s better to blend the two.  

Reduce the time taken to rest between workouts

Most people take about a minute to rest before starting the next set. However, if your goal is towards super endurance, you’ll get better results if you do away with the breaks. By the time you are completing the sets; your muscles will be on fire not to mention heavy panting and sweating.  The only time you should pause and rest is when you feel you can’t execute the next set.

Do some high-intensity lifting and try to increase the pace

When you lift weights rapidly, it results in improved strength and at the same time, it significantly builds the overall endurance. This is also recognized as a good way of raising the rate of metabolism. You may not realize it but when your exercises are focused on endurance only, the overall body metabolism tends to drop. This is because those exercises tend to eat away the muscles.  Focus on compound movements

A compound movement requires you to use more than just a single joint. For instance, step-ups, squats, pull-ups, and push-ups will boost your endurance. This is contrary to isolated exercises that don’t give you enough stimulation which is crucial to building superb stamina. Leg lifts and bicep curls are some of the common examples of isolated exercises.

In addition, you can combine two or more exercises to create a hybrid exercise. For instance, a jumping pull-up or a thruster gets more of your muscles to work. As a result, the heart muscles get more stimulation and the end result is good stamina.

Routine won’t take you to new heights

When you develop a habit of switching the workout sets every now and then, you are on the right path. Your body only needs two weeks to get used to the regime. In short, after some time of continuous cycling or running, try incorporating something new like Muay Thai or running upstairs. The idea here is to avoid moving your muscles in a single direction which is the major reason for overuse.

To make your workouts more effective, incorporate some explosive exercises. These exercises require a bunch of energy and they are great when you want to work on strength, stamina, and endurance at the same time.

Athlete’s Foot – Common Gym Risk

The Athlete’s foot will normally start between your fingers and because it is a fungal infection, it’s more frequent for people who wear tight-fitting shoes. While shoes are not the direct causes, they offer the right conditions when your feet sweat in a tight shoe.  

The general symptoms

Normally, this infection will manifest as a scaly reddish rash that starts between your toes. Perhaps what you will abhor most about this infection is the uncomfortable itching that sets in when you take off the shoes. However, there are some unique variants that will result to blisters and ulcers.

There is a certain variety known as moccasin and it is distinguished by dryness on the soles of your feet. Sometimes, it can spread to the sides of your feet and if you are not keen, you might take it for normal skin dryness. Athlete’s foot can attack one or both of your feet and has a tendency to spread to the hands. The risk is more if you have the habit of scratching the affected areas.

Home-based treatments

By caring for your feet and using some nonprescription medicines, it’s easy to treat the Athlete’s Foot in your home. However, it’s important to seek medical attention if are diabetic or if you have developed recurrent infections that have become stubborn to home treatments.

There are common antifungals you can use like Tinactin, Lamisil, and Lotrimin. These medicines are meant to be applied on the affected areas and will be lotions, sprays, lotions or ointments. If you choose to use them, make sure you use until the infection has disappeared. Normally, it will take around 1-6 weeks depending on the size of the infection.

If the infection is vesicular, try using Burow’s solution to soak your feet for a few times in a day. Within three days, the blister will have disappeared and you can now start applying an antifungal of your choice. However, it is important to use the medicine as directed if you want to keep the infection from returning shortly.

The best remedy is prevention and maintaining great foot care routine to keep the disease at bay. Use the following tips for your foot care.

  • After bathing or a session in the swimming pool, ensure you have dried your feet and toes.
  • Make it a habit to put on footwear that makes it easy for the feet to breathe.
  • When you are at home, avoid wearing shoes but instead stay with socks on.
  • When wearing closed shoes, always wear clean socks to help absorb any sweat.
  • Always use some antifungal powder and give your shoes at least a day before putting them on again.
  • If you already have the Athlete’s foot, always dry your feet last after taking a shower. In addition, remember to wear the socks before the underwear. Doing this helps to prevent the fungus from spreading to other body parts.

Deciding when to consult your physician

If you suffer from diabetes, you should seek medical attention when you notice symptoms of the infection. Immediate consultations with your doctor should be arranged if you are suffering from any secondary bacterial infections. Similarly, if you have tried home remedies and the infection is not improving, it’s time to see the doctor.